The Pierre and Claudette-MacKay Lassonde buildings – Polytechnique Montréal

The Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation has donated generously to academic institutions in Canada, the US and elsewhere in the world.  Whether by funding leading-edge facilities, innovative programs, partnerships or scholarships, the Foundation’s purpose is transformational. 

Polytechnique Montréal

“The Foundation’s donation reflects our gratitude to Polytechnique. And, since there is no greater wealth than knowledge, I think I can safely say that our investment will be worth its weight in gold for generations to come -- and I know something about gold!“
~ Pierre Lassonde

The first LEED-NC Gold 'sustainable buildings' ever to be erected by an educational institution in Québec, the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde and Pierre Lassonde buildings were inaugurated in October 2005 at the Polytechnique Montréal. The buildings became a source of inspiration for future engineers to ponder the attributes of sustainable development, efficiency and recycling.


Opportunity International’s EduFinance

EduFinance is a sustainable and scalable program that partners with socially-focused microfinance institutions to expand access to quality education. Since its creation in 2007 as part of Opportunity International, an established microfinance charity, EduFinance has made more than 250,000 school improvement and school fee loans, totaling over $200 million.

Access to this capital has benefited over 3.4 million students in 20 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The program also extends an innovative school quality program, youth savings and financial literacy, education insurance, and professional development for school leadership.

Pierre Lassonde Entrance Awards in Engineering

Ryerson University

Among the top ten engineering schools in Canada, the Faculty of Engineering at Ryerson University underscores the importance of working across disciplines to achieve diversity of thought and experience, the drivers of innovation. This leads to democratization of technology and design, and improved quality of life.

The Pierre Lassonde Entrance Awards in Engineering are open to students entering an engineering program with a minimum 85% overall average in the final year of high school and who exhibit characteristics of leadership through their extracurricular activities.

The Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation has also donated generously to the following institutions in Canada.

École Marie-Clarac, Montréal
École Marie-Clarac, Montréal
St. Clement’s School, Toronto
St. Clement’s School, Toronto
Bishop Strachan School, Toronto
Bishop Strachan School, Toronto